Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life After CLX

I'm pleased to say I've been feeling pretty sunny all week! (Gall bladder attack not withstanding) I think my brain has made a pretty successful transition to the new eating style, although I'd love to see my energy levels pick up a little more. I would say I'm *about* back to normal there, maybe not quite, but everyone crows about how MUCH energy they get when they give up grains and sugar, and I wants me some too!

Didn't get workout in Monday or Tuesday due to the whole being sick and useless thing, but I am getting back on track. (But OMG it was hard to get up this morning!! No idea what's going on there)



This is a fairly new set I got super cheap on Amazon. This is when it totally pays off not to jump on the bandwagons. I wanted this set when it first came out because I'm such a huge Sara Ivanhoe fan, but I was NOT willing to pay the steep price they were asking for such short workouts. It's a set of five 20-min yoga workouts, each with a different focus, which makes them really nice for add-ons, evenings or a light week. NOW, not only did I get the set dirt cheap (an on two disks rather than five), but I ALSO got her Yoga on the Ball as an extra on the second disk, which used to be sold completely separately at full price. Bonzer!!

I've done two of them so far and I like them quite a bit - lovely scenery, excellent instructor. Today was Power for Weight Loss (I HATE those titles), which were some nice poses, not held too long, with extra arm movements. Just what I needed.



Since I was tired, and since I'm taking an easy week (at least), I opted for a 30-Day Shred. It's more of a workout, but still only about 25-min. And I was curious to see how I'd do after CLX. I did well - I didn't get winded much, and I used 7lb weights throughout, BUT I did have to bail on some of the arms. CLX builds strength but doesn't do jack shit for endurance. It also doesn't do much for all the smaller muscles - the yoga was a bitch on my legs!!

Also, my shoulder's acting up again a bit, so I didn't want to stress it. Had it been feeling fine, I could have hung in longer on the arms. I'm kind of feeling creaky all over and I think I'm going to take some time to recover a bit - but I also think that taking the Primal Blueprint approach and applying it to my workouts will be very helpful too. I plan to do more walks in the morning while the weather is nice, but I'm also going to ease up on the intensity with which I do some of the video workouts - make them into more of a pleasant low level activity workout, and less about BLASTING CALORIES OMG.

I have to decide what to do next - I'm going to let myself be random for a week or so while we get back into the school schedule, do a little midweek vacation with the kids next week and all, but then I'd like to design a rotation. Maybe a yoga rotation, or maybe some kind of combo. I should get a few weight workouts in to maintain the CLX muscle. I'm also really starting to itch for something new. I held off on Turbo Fire, and probably will until Christmas or the new year. There are several much less expensive things I'm also interested in, so I'll go for something like that instead.

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