Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And the cooking results are?

That it's been too damn hot and humid to do much in the way of experimental cooking. Rats.

I did try out a couple things though, and we're slowly expanding our knowledge base. I did NOT accomplish very much organizing or compiling of recipes. The farthest I got was to download a free recipe organizing program that turned out not to be free at all. It pisses me off when they pass off trial versions as shareware.

On Saturday we got a great deal on some fish, so I tried out the Rutabaga Fries for a little fish and chips. Those were a little too strong and I don't think we'll be doing them again. For as rarely as we eat fries, I'll stick to sweet potatoes. It's possible these would be good with more seasoning to even out the flavor.

Sunday, I made Triple Almond Cookies, and they were fabulous. I didn't smash mine flat like she did, I just left them like little cookie bonbons and they were very good that way. I left out the slivered almonds, only used half the amount of syrup, and I didn't have cardamom so I used nutmeg. I will definitely make these again if I get to feeling like I can't have sweet things anymore. They have the right texture and flavor, but still are mostly primal.

Monday night, I took the plunge and tried Summer Squash Fritters. These were very good, and will make for a nice change of pace from time to time. They weren't too involved to prepare, and they have a bit of that doughy/bready feel that lets me think I haven't given up all that much. I saved one and brought it to lunch yesterday, and it tasted just fine - a little softer, but still yummy.

Noodles and steamy things will wait until the weather is a little more bearable.

I'm STILL feeling the effects of lo-carb flu, and I'm SO glad I've already read a couple people who said it took them more than the usual two or so weeks. At least I hope it's still the transition - I'd hate to think this is all I'm gonna get. *sadface* Moodiness and depression are still all over the map (never wildly happy though), but I'm just going to hang tough. With the hot weather, I'd probably be draggy and crabby and tired anyway, so I may as well double up and get it all over with at once.

I'm in the last two weeks of CLX and I think Lean Phase is starting to wear me out a little. In this weather it is anyway - if I do the whole rotation again, I'll do it in the winter. After this, I think I'm going to plan a light and gentle rotation to round out the summer. I'll keep a couple of the CLX workouts in the mix to maintain muscle, and make use of some of my other weight videos, but I think I see a lot of gentle cardio and yoga in my future.

In other little details, I don't really get that horrible hunger at the end of the workday much anymore, and when I do find myself getting hungry (of the stomach growly sort) it goes away MUCH easier and more quickly then when I was eating the old style.

On the other hand, I'm finding myself eating too much at lunch and dinner. I'm not used to the way I feel when satisfied on this food yet and so I keep eating until I think I am, only then it's too late and I feel heavy after meals. I'm working on cutting back portion sizes and just stopping when the food is gone. (I still maintain that I can eat as much as I want, and whatever I want - and I always will. As long as I know that, keeping things under control is actually a LOT easier for me.) So this is just a matter of practice and learning to read my body under new conditions.

No Poo/no soap is pretty well integrated and seems to be going well. My hair isn't quite the way I'd like it yet, but I'm at the stage where it's just a matter of playing around with treatments, pretty much like I used to do - I'm just getting the ideas from new sources.

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