Friday, August 27, 2010

Vacation Report

We took a short family vacation this week. I feel happy and refreshed and a little more stable than I was feeling last weekend. I had been starting to kind of slip into that resentful feeling of never being able to have foods that I love again..... Those thoughts would definitely lead me down the road to ruin.

We took off Tuesday around noon, and had a lunch of primal snacks in the car while we listened to a mystery book on CD. I love that my kids were into it just as much as we were. That evening I had a couple beers, and I ordered pizza for dinner, but it was HORRIBLE and I mostly scraped the toppings off with my teeth. So less damage there than I might have had. (But no wonderful pizza bliss)(Which is okay, I found a really promising recipe for pizza crust and would like to try it out over the weekend).

My beer? Was PINK!!  I had a lovely raspberry cream ale, and it was great:

Wednesday, I spent the whole day riding go-karts and roller coasters - fabulous! The weather was perfect, lots of sunshine, not too hot, pleasant breeze. I had a couple margaritas, and the big splurge: I ate a funnel cake for lunch. That was WONDERFUL. We played at the water park in the evening, and then went out to dinner. My food was mostly primal, but I had three large sugary rum punches, and then we got fudge for dessert. Not surprisingly I had reflux issues in the night. Not TOO horrible, but a nice reminder of why I don't eat like that very much anymore.

Thursday was mostly back to primal, although I had one last go at the fudge just to feel like I really indulged.

Today I'm back on track and feeling very happy with that. I'm looking forward to playing in the kitchen this weekend and moving forward next week when the kids go back to school. I think over all that allowing myself to splurge in situations like this is a good arrangement for me.

I used shampoo in the shower this morning. I'm still not sure if I like the poo-less results. There are pluses: Thicker hair, stays clean longer. But there are minuses too: My hair DOES smell a lot of the time. Not horribly, but earthy and hubby has said he misses the shampoo smell. (I'm experimenting with essential oils in the vinegar rinse for that). Although my hair feels nicer, it doesn't exactly style any better - though this may be an issue of being long overdue for a haircut, so I'm holding judgment on that too.

The biggest issue? Showers are not very satisfying anymore. I MISS the lather and the soap and the luxurious scents. So today I used shampoo. I kept it minimal, and I only used it on the scalp, and it was nice. My plan now is to see if I can incorporate a shampoo now and then and still reap the benefits of being mostly poo-less. No idea if this will work since the shampoo will mostly stimulate oil production, but we'll see.

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