Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Busy Times!

Whew! I've been busy lately! But it's all good - well, most of it.

Last week I had a big screen printing job which serves nicely as low level activity AND I get paid for it! But it was so damn hot and I'm just sick to DEATH of being sweaty and drippy. Happily, this week the weather has really cooled off, and it feels great. I even got outside for a nice round of hooping (after which my hands looked like rotten fruit). But I had so much fun and I learned to do my favorite behind the back pass in the other direction so now I can do it both ways and string it together with a vertical walk-through and a few other simple moves. I want to learn the vortex next because I finally found someone who said you can enter it from halo rather than waist hooping, so YAY!

I had a less than pleasant experience yesterday, and now I'm kind of leery. I've had a handful of gall bladder attacks in the past, and they are miserable, horrible events and the last time I had one, I did a bunch of research to figure out how I could make sure it never happened again. One of the things they say causes the attacks is a high fat diet.....um. Since going primal, that's been nagging at the back of my brain, and I've wondered if it was going to be an issue. BUT, since I'd seen no mention of them on the forums, I decided not to worry about it. Then Sunday, I read a post from someone who'd been doing really great, UNTIL, he got struck down with gall bladder issues. Which concerned me a little.

Now I don't know if it was the power of suggestion, or just cruel cruel coincidence, but.....in the late hours of Sunday night, I awoke with the beginnings of a gall bladder attack. Promptly threw up my dinner, and spent the night, and all day Monday lying limp in misery on my bed, the floor, or the recliner. (With the occasional upchuck). I'm feeling fine now, so that's a happy thing.

I'm not entirely sure what to do at this point - I'm certain that just going back to the SAD isn't the answer. Primal is working so well for me in so many other ways. Besides, I had four or five attacks while eating the SAD anyway. I think I just need to perhaps reign in my fat intake just a little bit, and perhaps up the veggies more. I don't know.

In other great news, I am otherwise feeling FANTASTIC!  My mood is back up to happy, perky and optimistic much of the time (it's like the SUN CAME OUT), and I'm finally feeling energetic. That still sort of comes and goes, but I would imagine that's pretty normal. We can't be high energy ALL the time. I'm feeling much more focused and clear - YAY!

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