Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm so sick of summer....


I had such high hopes for this past weekend. I was going to clean and organize and play in the kitchen and cook new foods. It was going to be fabulous!!

It was fuckin' hot and humid. I mean icky horrible - move and you sweat kind of weather. I've just had too much of that this summer. I don't handle heat and humidity well anyway, but after all we've had lately, I just couldn't take it. I mostly sat in front of a fan and worked on my computer. By Sunday, I was holed up in the bedroom with the AC.

About the only good thing was that I think I have found a reasonably decent solution to managing all the recipes I've been collecting on the internet. I started a Delicious account and I'm bookmarking them all there. That way I can use tags to sort and organize them and make it easier to find the ones I want, and keep track of stuff I want to try.

I always worry a little bit that when I go back to a link, the stuff might not be there anymore, but as I find recipes that I like and that work well, I will either save them to my computer, or print them out and make my own primal cookbook.

I did try one recipe this weekend. Parmesan Crusted Baked "Fried" Zucchini. I did mine in the toaster oven, so I took FOREVER to cook (But I just couldn't bring myself to fire up the oven), and I learned that you need to grease the tinfoil or they stick and you end up peeling all the crust off the backsides. They were really tasty, though, and I'll be making them again when I can stand to be in the kitchen.

Workouts continue to be gentle - mostly stretching and yoga. I was going to do a CLX yesterday, but the heat made that impossible. This morning I didn't even bother. It's supposed to start cooling off, so hopefully and I do some weight lifting later this week. I also have a couple new ones coming that I'll talk about later on. Looks like some really fun stuff!

My hair has been totally flyway and fluffy looking around the head, so I'm going to resist shampooing other than a rare treat. I may look into CO washing and see what that might do for me. I did BC/ACV on Monday and that felt pretty good again. Doesn't fix the hair smell, but I'm going to go shopping for some new essential oils soon and see what I can use that will please the Hubby.

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