Friday, July 16, 2010

Yet Another Girl Gone Primal....

On the cusp of my 41st birthday, and riding high on a wave of new self-acceptance and awareness that's been two years in the making, I discovered a link to Mark's Daily Apple and The Primal Blueprint.

That was July 1st or 2nd, and I spent a long weekend at the cabin pouring over blog posts on my iPod and mulling over the possibility of adopting a lifestyle like this. I even tried it out a little bit. My Dad is a pretty big meat eating guy and so they always it at the center of a meal. I just went heavy on the veggies and skipped the bread. I didn't skip the pie, however, or the beer...just toyed with the idea of what it might be like to eat that way.

Over the course of the next week, I went as primal as possible with what I had at home and what little knowledge I really had of the style. As far as Hubby knew, I was just craving steak!YAY, and I let that stand while I continued to read and research. About the middle of the week, I finally fessed up to him what was going on and what I wanted to try. He'd just been bemoaning his own spare tire and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get him on board - win/win for me since it would make my progress easier, and it would net me a healthier Hubby. He said he was willing to give it a shot.

We spent the rest of that week eating pretty close to 100% primal, since we were testing out recipes and trying out foods. We also both opted to give up Diet Coke - something else I've been thinking of for a while. (DC tangent: We had gotten to the point that we were each drinking at least six or more Diet Cokes a day. I had given it up a few times before, but always end up back to swilling the stuff before too long. I KNEW drinking it was a bad idea).

I managed to get Hubby to do some reading and we had several long talks about what we each want out of this, and where our trouble spots might be. Both of us are mainly looking for better health, with a heaping sidedish of weight loss. Neither one of us really cares how much, we'd just like to weigh less.

I don't especially care how MUCH I weigh, I just want to feel good and look good. The tipping point for me is this: I'd like to be able to wear nicer clothes. I've ALWAYS been plus-sized and I'm very picky about clothes. Right now there's a million fabulous things in stores I'd love to wear...but they're never in my size.

So, I don't really have a goal weight in mind. I plan to just eat primal and work out and do my thing and see where I get to. My suspicion is that if primal eating really works for me the way it seems to for most people, I stand to be able to get down to something like mildly overweight while still having my few little indulgences here and there. I'm not really looking to get ripped the way many primal enthusiasts are.

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