Friday, July 23, 2010

Progress and No Poo

Happy to say I am feeling MUCH better!!  I think the worst of the lo-carb flu is behind me now. Both Hubby and I seem to be in a less dramatic transition phase at the moment - mostly in terms of muscle stamina, but my mood is still rocky, and in spite of what he says, so is his.

Still no real issue with cravings - I'm continually AMAZED by that. I really am - I could NEVER go this long without needing some kind of junky treat. Granted, I am eating a square of dark chocolate everyday at lunch (but not touching the bars in the cupboard at home), and having the occasional spoon of cashew butter.

The thing I'm missing the most, honestly - is Diet Sprite over ice. *woe*  It's been hot and yucky around here, and water (even with ice) just doesn't taste as cold and refreshing. Small deal, and if it gets bad enough, I will have one in the same way I'd have a cocktail - as a treat to be savored.

We have The Primal Blueprint now, and are reading it, along with The Paleo Diet. I suspect we will fall down with a hybrid of the two eventually. There are bits and pieces of both that make sense to me - some of which are completely contradictory, and sometimes I don't know who to believe. That, so far, is one of the hardest parts of this transition. Cholesterol - will it kill Hubby or is it no big deal. Dairy, yes or no? *sigh*

As part of all this, I've decided to go No-Poo. It's not a new idea to me - I used to read about it when I hung out on the long hair forums. (When know, had long hair). I am highly swayed by the numerous reports of fuller, bouncier, shiner more manageable hair that washes windows and does the dishes, and I want some o'that. So far, it hasn't been too bad, and I'll make a post next week about the whole process and how it's turning out.

This weekend we are off to the cabin for fun in the woods, and some hooping with my sister. I just got myself a brand new set of twins, and I'm hoping to make a new hoop tonight since I'm not all that happy with the last one I made.

Staying primal shouldn't be too hard, since they always have meat for dinner, and there are usually leftovers. But, honestly...I'm not turning down my mother-in-law's pie. It's just too good to pass up. *g*

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  1. A refreshing near-paleo beverage is 50% water and 50% orange juice.