Friday, July 16, 2010

Progress so far

We've been into this in one fashion or another now for about two weeks - the bulk of that was completely half-assed and MAYBE 60/40 on average. That's getting ever closer to about an 80/20 I think. I'm still not entirely sure what I'm doing but I know it's better than what I WAS doing.


* I have not had heartburn AT ALL for a week and a half or more (it took me a couple days to realize it). This is HUGE in and of itself because I've had chronic heartburn for years, and was diagnosed with Acid Reflux. I was even on Nexium for a while until I couldn't afford it and Tums worked pretty well. Along with some acid reducer drug from Walmart that I'd take preventatively once in a while. I was chewing Tums a few times every day! (This alone is probably enough to keep on this path)

* I am getting a crash course in cooking and creative thinking through this process, and I think we're doing fairly well so far. My favorite meal so far is Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs with Avocado Smooshed on Top, Sauteed Beets, and Salad. OMG so good!!!

* I haven't had too much in the way of cravings or difficulty in avoiding things I shouldn't eat. This kind of surprises me, and kind of doesn't. I used to be an absolute addict and could NOT resist sugary treats if they were around. I'd obsess about them until I finally just went and ate them. And ate and ate and ate.

About two years ago I got heartily sick of the whole diet bandwagon and everything that with it and I got off. I refused to diet anymore and decided to eat whatever the hell I wanted. A surprising thing happened - I did eat anything I wanted, and I didn't gain any weight - and I was eating a lot of junk too. But the freedom to have anything, any time, as much as I wanted took all the power away from those foods and I got to the point that I could have candy in the house and take it or leave it. Sometimes, I even left it. I also spent a lot of time on the size acceptance blog and developed a whole new appreciation of myself. I think these two things laid the groundwork for the current transformation.

Admittedly, I'm very worried that the planning and thinking and learning about primal eating might spin me right back into that obsessive mindset I had once upon a time when I was counting calories and making myself crazy. The very thing that made me give it all up in the first place. It's already happening a little - worrying about grass-fed vs grain-fed beef, and Omega ratios and whether or not having bananas in my smoothie will derail all my efforts. I'm working hard to maintain the view that ANYTHING I do now is better than what I did before. Right now the focus needs to be on simply changing the foods I eat - maybe later I can worry about where they came from and what THEY ate....

* On the not so good side, Hubby and I are both suffering from the lo-carb flu. Mine is far worse at this point. On Sunday, Hubby was depressed and sluggish, and he's been a little foggy headed all week. I have been foggy and disoriented all week, and so SO tired. Yesterday I just PASSED OUT on the sofa at work (we own the place). Today I am the utter bitch from hell and wildly emotional. I'd really like this part to end now, thanks.

I'm sure there's lots more to report, but right now I'm foggy as hell and can't think....

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