Monday, April 30, 2012

Nori Chips and Workouts

Hrm....they screwed with the dashboard here. Let's how this works.

Things have been going well. My eating has been pretty clean for the most part, and I've been feeling great. Last weekend we went to my mom's house for the weekend. It wasn't too hard to eat primal there, she knows what we're doing is more than happy to accommodate us. Although, then she also snacks and has treats, and wants to try nifty new recipes she's found that are served on bread. I sampled some things, and had two small oatmeal pancakes at the diner (which were to DIE for, and totally worth having, and didn't even need syrup, so I skipped it and just put butter on them), but I also had a fried egg over salad greens with them, which was really good - I'll be doing that at home.

Workouts have been going well, too. I'm still taking a very organic, do what I feel like kind of approach, and it's working pretty well. I've gotten in some heavy weight lifting. I had a few glasses of wine this past Friday night and decided it was a good idea to try out my new Kelley Coffey-Meyer 30 Minutes - Weights by jumping right into the total body pre-mix. Heh - she totally kicked my ass, BUT I made it through the whole thing, and I did 12 pound tricep kickbacks - not something I'm used to.

I also got in some CLX, walking and tried out more new Ellen Barrett. (Now I'm lusting after some barre DVDs a few people on the Video Fitness Forum are raving about, gonna have to sit on my fingers).

I came across this post on Can You Stay for Dinner? on how to make great 400 calorie salads which I really liked because it presents a formula for assembling salads, rather than specific recipes, which is really great. I've seen another similar post somewhere around recently, too, and these are the things I'm trying to find and compile into a sort of guidebook for myself for primal eating as a lifestyle, and how to really change the way I think about meals.

I tried making egg cups (the kind with bacon in a muffin pan), and those weren't really as good I thought they'd be. The tops came out like vinyl and they didn't hold together as much as I'd like. I'll stick to mini quiches, I think.

I also took a stab at making nori chips, and those were MUCH more successful! I think I'm in love - they are SO GOOD!

Yesterday, I spend a very long time cleaning our bedroom, which had gotten pretty gross over the winter, and things upstairs are really very nice now, which feels great. We're getting some things squared away at work too, which hopefully will help offset the monumental stress still hammering us there.

Nothing planned for this coming weekend, so hopefully we can get lots more things done that will make life even better.

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