Sunday, April 15, 2012

Excellent Weekend

This weekend has been fantastic and exactly what I needed!

Friday evening we had dinner with my teenaged son and his girlfriend, and that was really pleasant. (Which totally had NOTHING to do with the three glasses wine, or the cute bartender who always flirts with us.) When we got home, I packed some almonds, eggs, my jar of coconut, some dark chocolate and the last of my recent batch of Blueberry Nut Balls, and an avocado into a lunch box to bring along, so I'd have some fallback supplies.

Dad's breakfast supplies included bacon and eggs, so I was good there.

Sat morning, I took a walk up the long driveway and back, including a little foray out onto the road to catch a couple of hills, plus some trail walking around the property and I'm happy to report that I LOVED IT!! It felt great, both on the trails and driveway, and on the paved road. So, I think I'm safe to say that it's just the crappy road by my house that's bad for me. Kinda sucks, but it is what it is.

We got the pontoon boat in the water and took it for a little spin, which was very good for my soul (and my stress).

For lunch we hit up a local brewpub, and I did have a nice scotch ale, but just one. I also had a burger with cheese and avocado, sans bun, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the fresh vegetable option was a heaping pile of BRUSSELS SPROUTS, that were clearly fresh and cooked perfectly. I was IN AWE. I think I'm still high on sprout bliss.

My sister went to the candy store, and I didn't, and even though she brought back a pound of fudge, I didn't have any. (She got some that was chock loaded with nuts, which I think have no business being in fudge, so that helped.) I also did not ever get around to having any of my own chocolate and coconut.

They decided on hot dogs and chips for dinner, so I ate my avocado, some almonds and nut ball.

Today was rainy and crappy, so I didn't get to do any more walking around at the cabin, but my eating was excellent, and I fit in a workout this afternoon at home:

This is new one for me, and my first time with it - I must say that I really loved it! It's got a lot of interesting moves, and a TON of cross-body core work, which I adore. Plenty of nice plank work too. It was a killer for me because my fitness level is down, but that's okay. I'm pleased to see that some of my strength, such as core for planks, seems to be coming back rather quickly.

Our kids are gone for most of the week on a school trip, so we're planning to try out some new recipes and do a little experimental cooking.

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