Friday, October 1, 2010

So Long No-Poo

I'm okay with that. I was expecting it. We picked up the folks from the airport Tuesday evening, and they were tired and it was late and everyone just wanted a hot meal. They are not primal and so pizza sprang to their minds first, and since they were the ones who'd been traveling and were beat, we went along with it. It's been a few months since I had "real" pizza from our favorite pizza place, so I enjoyed a few slices, and they were fabulous. Also a few glasses of wine.

Also, yesterday a coworker brought in some spice cake with cream cheese frosting and I had a piece. It's the first non-primal eating choice I've made that I regret. It was good, but not THAT good, and I really had no need at all for it...I just kind of fell into old habits and easy justification. So I'll try to remember that feeling and think twice the next time I'm deciding on a choice like that.

In the long run, it's no big deal and I'm already moving on and doing fine.

My workouts have been pretty light the last couple of weeks. A fair few 20-min ones that were low intensity and basic. I did a few Harmony doubles, and a good walking workout. This morning I opted to kick it up a notch and pull out one of my old FIRMs - Maximum Body Shaping. It felt pretty good and I enjoyed it a lot, although my elbow is still bothering me a lot and I'd like to get it healed up.

I'm no longer no-poo. I went back to shampoo out of a need for ease and luxury and I'm still in an evaluation phase. Both methods have their pros and cons and neither one is really remarkably better than the other over all. But shampoo is easier and it smells nice so I'm going that route for now. I need desperately to figure out what to do with my hair and depending on what I do I may go no-poo again. The only part of that experiment I'm sticking with is my face - I only wash it with plain water and a washcloth and it's been very soft and nice. I don't feel the need to use any kind of cream so I know something is good here. Although, I don't know if not using any is a wise choice or not. I probably will as winter creeps up.

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