Monday, October 18, 2010


I've been a little AWOL lately because I've been dealing with some sort of recurring UTI infection/similar symptoms/we don't know what the hell.

It's been over a month now, and I've taken four different prescriptions including a sulfa drug - and the primary symptom just keeps coming back. And then it will go away again. And then when I'm just feeling smug and free...BACK!!

My approach for today is to just pretend I have no problem. Nothing. Nothing to see here. Move along please. Maybe I can out think the damn thing, or it will go away if no one is paying attention to it.

Spent the weekend at my mother's house in beautiful autumn splendor and her very tastefully decorated home. We had a fabulous dinner of pot roast and three kinds of squash we'd picked up at the farmer's market that day. We also took a detour to check out a thrift sale...

And I got a peanut butter machine FOR A DOLLAR!!!


It's so cool!!  I couldn't find any cashews to try in it, but I got some pecans and made pecan butter, which was delicious on pear slices. We got some cashews yesterday and tonight I'll give that a try. I'm so excited!!  I thought I'd have to get a whole new food processor if I want to make my own nut butters.....but all it took was A DOLLAR at a thrift sale!!

On the downside, my step-dad really likes to buy doughnuts and leave them sitting out, and because I was feeling sorry for myself about the UTI situation....I had some. (And they were delicious). I don't feel HORRIBLE GUILT over it, but it's clear that my primal induced willpower and lack of cravings are not completely bullet proof and I do need to watch it. I'm also a bit bummed I did that because I've been hoping to break my current plateau and get moving again, and that ain't gonna happen if I'm scarfing crap.

In other news, I'm considering trying out dairy-free for a while and see what that does. I have mixed feelings about that. There are a lot of things I won't have any issue giving up, but eliminating cheese from all my cooking could sting quite a bit. I'm wondering if one can go mostly dairy-free, eating only cheese and only 2-3 nights a week and still reap the benefits of dairy free. I tend to doubt it since that's like saying if you only put ONE drop of red food coloring into the water, it will still be clear.

I might try no-poo again at some point - I cut all my hair off (seriously - pixie cut!!) and now I think I might see some of the "more manageable" results. It's worth a try at any rate.

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