Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So far, so good

I'm back from vacation and rarin' to go!

We had a blast in Florida, although I wasn't remotely primal. At all. But so much fun!  And I faced my fear of heights and went parasailing.


These are my toes, and that's the boat pulling me :D

Since getting back, I've felt very positive about getting back on track, which is something I don't think I could say 2-3 weeks ago. Over the course of the winter, I got really depressed and down on the whole idea - feeling like I could never cook anything normal ever again, and feeling gypped that I couldn't just eat whatever I wanted to. I was pretty sure that was depression talking, and now I'm sure of it. I've started a Primal Journal at Mark's Daily Apple forums to try and build up a little support base before winter rolls around again.

Since getting back, it's like someone flipped a switch in my head and I'm not obsessing about sweets anymore, and I AM looking forward to learning new primal meals again.

While in Florida, I stopped at the piratey spice shop The Spice & Tea Exchange (where they remembered me from December!), and picked up four of their spice blends for some yummy eats - including an Espresso Steak Rub (OMG).

On the way home, we also made a stop at Trader Joe's to get a selection of goodies from there: Kerrygold butter, sardines, taco seasoning, etc.

It's only been three days, of course, but it's been an easy three days - which hasn't happened in the past four months in spite of me trying on more than one occasion.

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